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SLASPA and the Ministry of Infrastructure facilitates a Technical Needs Assessment Mission

The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority Division of Maritime Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour is facilitating a Technical Needs Assessment Mission of Aids to Navigation in Saint Lucia which began on August 11 2016 at the Ministry of Infrastructure’s Conference Room in Union Castries.

The assessment will be conducted by the International Association of Marine Aid to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA-AISM) with the support of the IALA World Wide Academy within the framework of its capacity building programme.

The aim of the needs assessment is to determine the status of aids to navigation service delivery along the coast of Saint Lucia, the volume of maritime traffic and the gaps that may currently exist in the provision of aids to navigation and their management.

The assessment was requested by the Ministry of Infrastructure and SLASPA based on their awareness of the potential risk and consequential damages associated with maritime accidents along the coasts of Saint Lucia and its exclusive economic zone. Saint Lucia’s waters are frequented by commercial vessels which include local shipping and pleasure craft, as well as, international shipping vessels, as such coastlines and harbours need to be provided with adequate aids to navigation.

Mr. Christopher Alexander, Director of Maritime Affairs stated, “The Maritime Division in its continuing desire for Saint Lucia to meet international shipping standards is pleased to collaborate with the IALA. The workshop will furnish stakeholders with the knowledge needed by ensuring vessels transiting our coastal waters have access to Aids to Navigation, thus meeting our obligations. Aircraft cannot land without appropriate lighting, similarly therefore a vessel needs guidance to operate through the lighthouses and other navigational aids.”

The needs assessment mission for aid to navigation will include some of the following activities, an introductory meeting for stakeholders, Port and Harbour visits as well as stakeholder meetings and will conclude on August 16, 2016 with a presentation of the initial recommendations

For further information please contact the Division of Maritime at 457-6151 or email at or go our website at and visit the Media Room under Press Releases.

To download the PDF, click here