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Enjoying Local Boatrides with Boating Safety Awareness

With the impending Annual Jazz festival 2014 and the expected increases in boating events along our coastal waters, this week in Portfolio, we have taken the opportunity and initiative to reiterate the safety aspects of boatrides.  The following Safety considerations have been formulated to bring awareness whilst having a relaxing and fun filled national past time. And remember all excursions must be authorised by the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority.

COMMUNICATIONS- (VHF):- Inform Authorities

 All vessels departing on boatrides MUST notify the lighthouse of the number of passengers and crew on board. The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) back to port must also be given to the lighthouse keeper. The Master must ensure the numbers given are accurate to ensure accountability.

When a vessel will be or has been delayed, the master should alert the lighthouse keeper; who will then inform the relevant authorities including the PMU if necessary.

VHF Protocol – Show Courtesy

The Master is responsible for ensuring that the music is turned off when transmitting messages to the lighthouse and upon entering and exiting the ports of entry or various bays. Persons ashore should be given due consideration.

SECURITY: - Passengers must be Accounted for

The Master is responsible for ensuring that a passenger head count is carried out priorto departure from a port and upon return. In the case of vessels at anchorage (Anse Cochon/Soufriere) area then after raising the anchor a head count must be done to ensure that all passengers and crew are accounted for. 

Next, week, we will provide you with more boating safety tips.

For more information please call SLASPA at 457-6100 or visit