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Leisure Ports in Saint Lucia

This week in Portfolio, we highlight the leisure ports in Saint Lucia in which SLASPA has jurisdiction over. We know that you have seen the bountiful stream of cruise ships that call at Saint Lucia, an inter-island ferry operates which operates...

SLASPA TRIVIA-What is Seasickness?

This week in SLASPA Trivia of Portfolio, we share on what seasickness is and where the term was derived. What can you say about Seasickness? Not much when you're seasick. The sport of yachting must have been invented by a Dutchman. According to a...

Enjoying Local Boatrides with Boating Safety Awareness

With the impending Annual Jazz festival 2014 and the expected increases in boating events along our coastal waters, this week in Portfolio, we have taken the opportunity and initiative to reiterate the safety aspects of boatrides.  The following...

SLASPA TRIVIA- How are Ships Christened and Named?

Last week, we told you about the distress signal “Mayday” this week, we shed some light on how are ships Christened and named. Traditionally, the naming ceremony of a vessel took place in the ship yard at the time of launching and was for most...

SLASPA TRIVIA-Where does “Mayday” come from?

So far through this medium, you have learnt why ships are called “she”, how a nautical mile was arrived and why is sea speed calculated in “knots”. We are sure you have heard in movies captains and crew shout “mayday mayday mayday” when their...

Women of the Port – Meet SLASPA’s Female Senior Managers

In commemoration of International Women’s Day which is being celebrated on March 8th this year, we take a break from our trivia series and bring to you “Women of the Port” in this week’s edition of Portfolio. SLASPA has a team of highly qualified...

SLASPA’s Helps You Estimate Your Time of Arrival (ETA)

This week in Portfolio, we will show you how mariners and other partners in the industry calculate their estimated time of arrival. We’re going to use a simple example to help you understand. Assume that you will leave the Castries Harbour on a...

SLASPA TRIVIA-Why is a Bathroom on a Boat called the “Head”?

So far through this medium, you have learnt why ships are called “she”, how a nautical mile was arrived and why is sea speed calculated in “knots”. This week, we have a funnier one which is, why is a bathroom on a boat called the head? And why do...

SLASPA TRIVIA-"Why are Boats Referred to as "She"?

The next few issues of Portfolio, we will be providing you with some trivia as it relates to SLASPA’s core business. This week, we shed some light on why are boats referred to as ‘She’ and also provide some information on boat operators...

SLASPA – Committed to Customer Service Excellence

In this issue of Portfolio, we will focus on SLASPA’s commitment to customer service excellence in the increasingly competitive port environment.

In our commitment to customers, the internal departments within SLASPA work together to ensure...

SLASPA …Complementing Your Every Move in 2014

Welcome to the first edition of Portfolio for 2014, like in previous years, we will use this avenue to inform you on what is happening within the organisation and how we continue to complement the lives of many.  SLASPA has been complementing...


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