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Application Forms

Important documents are listed here for download.
Application For Horsepower Certificate

This certificate is intended to ascertain the compatibility of outboard engines with mono-hull vessels.

Application for obtaining a seaman’s discharge book

A seaman’s discharge book is a full record of a seaman’s career experience and certification.

It costs EC$100.00 plus 15% Vat to apply for a Saint Lucian seaman’s discharge book. Details of how to pay and where to send your application are on the form.

Application for Vessel Operators or Boat Masters License

To attain a boatmaster’s license, seafarers would have to apply using the form provided

Application for Change of Name of Ship

A change may not be made in the name of a Saint Lucian ship without the previous written consent of the Registrar of Ships.

Declaration of Ownership Form

A person shall not be registered as the owner of a Saint Lucian ship or of a share therein until such person, or in the case of a body corporate the person authorised to make declarations on its behalf, has made and signed a declaration of ownership in the prescribed form referring to the ship as described in the certificate of a Surveyor of Ships.

Application of New Certificate of Registry

In the event of the certificate of registry of a ship being lost or destroyed, the registrar shall, subject to this regulation, grant a replacement certificate of registry in lieu of the original Certificate of Registry.

Application for Provisional Registration of Vessels

Where the owners of a ship intend to apply to have the ship registered as a Saint Lucian ship but there is no Registrar of Ships immediately available, a proper officer or other appropriate authority designated to act on behalf of the Government may grant to the owner or master of the ship

Application for Registration of Vessels

An application for the registration of a ship shall be made in the prescribed form

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