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Seaport Facilities

Port Vieux Fort Facilities & Services
Storage Capacity:
633 TEU bottom spaces or 1899 TEU spaces
stacking 3 high
40 reefer points
20 - 40 Ft interchange slots

Berthing Facilities:
A Finger Pier 500 Ft (163m) long and 50Ft (15m) wide. It can accomodate vessels on either side. The height of the quay from the water level at low tide is 7.5 Ft (2.3m) and at high tide it measures 6.5 Ft (2m). The water depth alongside is 35 Ft (2m).

A Lolo container berth (exclusive of a Roro ramp) 690 Ft (210m) in length. The height of the quay from the water level at low tide is 8ft. (2.5m) and high tide it measures 7Ft (2m). The depth of the water alongside is 35 Ft. (11m).
1 mobile harbour crane with automatic spreader. Heavy lift capacity 80 tons.
2 -3 high stacking straddle carriers.
1 terminal tractor.
High mast high intensity lights provide adequate lighting for the entire facility.
Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 100 GRT. Pilot boards vessels on the Port side for ships entering and on the starboard side for ships leaving.

Pilots are available during the hours of 0500 - 0900 hours and 1600 - 2000 hours. Pilots are available on request between 0900 - 1600 hours and 2000 - 0500 hours.
Hours of Operation:
24 Hour Port
A fully trained Ports Police Force provides twenty four (24) hour security surveillance