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Seaport Facilities

Port Castries Facilities & Services
Berthing Facilities

General Cargo:
Berth #1: 200 ft Long (60.96m); Depth 18 -20 ft (5.48m – 6.09m)
Berth#2 & 3: 720 ft Long (219.45m) (continuous); Depth 27 ft (8.23m)
Berth#4: 498 ft Long (151.79m); Depth 32 ft (9.75m)
Berth#5: 520 ft Long (158.49m); Depth 32 ft (9.75m) with a RoRo Ramp 48 ft wide (14.63m)
Berth#6: 448 ft Long (136.55m); Depth 30 ft (9.14m)
Outer Anchorages:
1) While awaiting a pilot, vessels may anchor one mile NW of Vigie Point in a depth of 22m with good holding in rock and sand. No shelter.
2) 2.5 cables NW of Vigie point in depths of less than 20m with good holding ground in coral and sand. Shelter is provided from the east but there is little swinging room.
Pointe Seraphine
Cruise Berths:
P/S #1 400 ft Long (121.92m); Depth 36 ft (10.97m)
P/S #2 300 ft Long (91.44m); Depth 34 ft (10.36m)
Berth #1 for ships of length 850 - 1000 ft (259.08m – 304.8m)
Berth #2 for ships of length 750 - 850 ft (228.6m – 259.08m)
Internal Anchorages:
Anchorage with good holding ground but little swinging room, is available inside the harbour for small vessels. Vessels can anchor as convenient, clear fairway and submarine cables close within the harbour entrance.
Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 100 GRT. Pilot boards vessels on the starboard side for ships entering and on the port side for ships leaving.

Pilots are available during normal working hours:-
0800 - 1630 hours and on request between 1630 -0800 hours.
Two (2) tugs are available:
Tug Chale - 100 Ft 1500 horsepower
Doggersbank - 56 Ft 1350 "
Container Park:
Capacity: 400 TEU ground slots.
All stevedoring are performed by SLASPA. Labour is recruited from the Seamens' Union. Normal working hours are from 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with overtime work provided on request. No shift systems are in place. Gang(s) are employed for the duration of work on a ship. No work is performed during periods.
Shed Storage Capacity:
The Authority is the custodian of all cargoes imported into the country by sea. There are a number of Sheds available with a total floor space in excess of 100,000 sq. ft (30480m).
Portable water is available alongside all Berths. There is an 8" main at Pointe Seraphine. Applicable rates - EC$40.00 / 1000 gallons.
Port Equipment:
Liebherr Mobile Crane (model# LHM320): Capacity 104tons
Reefer Points: 27
Reachstackers: 2 - 35 tons (stack 4 high)
2- 40 tons (stack 5 high)
Terminal tractors: 4
Trailer beds: 3
Forklift Trucks: 5 - 2 tons/ 13 - 3 tons/ 2 - 4 tons/ 2 - 15 tons/ 1 - 40 tons.
Customs clearance is between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Overtime can be requested.