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1. Who do I contact at SLASPA for rates and tariffs?
Ms Greta Ermay - Shipping Supervisor -  Tel- 1-758-457-6140

2. Where do I find investor information?
By following the link

3. I want to travel to St. Lucia? Where do I find information on visa requirements?
Link: Government Website

4. Where can I find information on cruise schedules?

5. How do I get in touch with freight forwarders?

6. How many berths are available at Port Castries?
6 berths are available.
Berth #1: 200 Ft Long; Depth 18 -20 Ft
Berth#2 & 3: 720 Ft Long; Depth 27 Ft
Berth#4: 498 Ft Long; Depth 32 Ft
Berth#5: 520 Ft Long; Depth 32 Ft with a RoRo Ramp 48 Ft wide
Berth#6: 448 Ft Long; Depth 30

7. Does the Port provide a 24 hour service?

8. Is pilotage provided to all vessels or only vessels over a certain GRT?
Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 100 GRT

9. What time is a pilot available during working hours and non- working hours?
Pilots are available during working hours:- 0800-16:30 and on request between 16:30- 0800 hours.

10. What is the capacity of the container park?
400 TEU Ground slots

11. What equipment is available at Port Castries?
Liebherr mobile Crane (model# LHM320): capacity 104 tons heavy lift on rotator
Reefer points: 40 by Ferry Terminal and 6 by Shed 6,
Reach Stackers: 4 - 45 tons in 1st row  (stack 5 high)
Terminal tractors: 2, Trailer beds: 3
Forklift Trucks: 5 - 3 tons (E)/ 8 - 3 tons (D)/ 3 - 2.6 tons (E)/ 2 - 15 tons (D)/ 1 - 6 tons (D)/ 1 - 8 tons (D)

13. How many tugs are available?
Two tugs are available- Tug Chale 1000 horse power, Doggersbank- 56 ft 1350"

14. Is there available water and what is the cost?
Portable water is available alongside all berths. There is 8" main at Pointe Seraphin. Rates- $40.00/1000 gallons.

15. Are vessels able to anchor while waiting for a pilot?
1) While awaiting a pilot, vessels may anchor one mile NW of Vigie Point in a depth of 22m with good holding in rock and sand. No shelter.

2) 2.5 cables NW of Vigie point in depths of less than 20m with good holding ground in coral and sand. Shelter is provided from the east but there is little swinging room.

Internal Anchorages:
Anchorage with good holding ground but little swinging room, is available inside the harbour for small vessels. Vessels can anchor as convenient, clear fairway and submarine cables close within the harbour entrance. Vessels can anchor as convenient, clear fairway and submarine cables close to the harbour entrance.

16. What equipment is available at Castries Sea Ports?
Liebherr crane- capacity 104 tons, reefer points: 27, 2- 40 ton { stack 5 high}

17. What yachting facilities are available in Saint Lucia?
Rodney Bay Marina: located at the north western tip of Saint Lucia and north of the port of Castries is a yacht marina that is privately owned and operated.

Marigot Bay: located almost mid-way down the western coast of Saint Lucia and south of Castries, it is privately owned and operated.

Soufriere: located on the southwestern coast of Saint Lucia between Marigot Bay and Vieux-Fort and has the capability of berthing at anchorage medium sized cruise ships and can accommodate alongside most yachts and catamarans.

Pointe Seraphine:

1. How many berthing facilities are avail able at Pointe Seraphine?
There are two berthing facilities: the first one is 400' - 0" and a breasting dolphin whilst the other has a length of 300 ft. Berth# 1 allows for berthing of cruise vessels up to
1100 feet and of draft not exceeding 28 feet-34 feet. Berth# 2 has a design ship length of 750 feet - 850 feet at a draft of 28 - 34 feet.