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Cruise and Ferry Services

Cruise Facilities

During the main cruise season - from October to April - as many as five (5) cruise ships can call into Castries on any one day. Over the years, Castries has become an important destination for cruise lines and much thought and effort has gone into ensuring that the Port has a comprehensive range of facilities to cater to the needs of cruise line passengers. Shopping enthusiasts, looking for international brand names at duty free prices as well as local arts and crafts, have the choice of visiting two high quality duty free shopping centers - Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage.

La Place Carenage - A Perfect Mix of Shopping Dining and Entertainment

La Place Carenage was opened in December, 1996 by SLASPA in an effort to carry out projects designed to stimulate social and economic growth and to serve the increasing number of cruise ships berthing at the Queen Elizabeth II docks. La Place Carenage is an air-conditioned, three story duty free shopping mall featuring a perfect mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.

Duty Free Pointe Seraphine

Well known throughout the Caribbean, Pointe Seraphine is home to the cruise dedicated berths on the Island. It is located within walking distance of the city of Castries, and consists of a number of shops offering a range of both locally made and international products. Water taxis are also available from Pointe Seraphine to La Place Carenage.

Berthing Facilities

Pointe Seraphine

Dedicated Cruise Berths:
P/S #1 : 400 Ft long (426.72m) ; Depth 36 Ft (10.97m)
P/S #2 : 300 Ft long (91.44m) ; Depth 34 Ft (10.36m)
Berth #1 : For ships of up to 850 - 1000 Ft (259.08 - 304.80m)
Berth #2 : For ships of up to 750 - 850 Ft (228.60 - 259.08m)

Multi Used Berths:
Berth #1 : 200 Ft Long (61m) ; Depth 18 -20 Ft (5.49 - 6.1m)
Berth#2 & 3 : 720 Ft Long (continuous) or 219.5m; Depth 27 Ft (8.23m)
Berth#4 : 498 Ft Long (151.8m) ; Depth 32 Ft (9.75m)
Berth#5 : 520 Ft Long (158.5m) ; Depth 32 Ft (9.75ft) with a RoRo Ramp 48 Ft wide
Berth#6 : 448 Ft Long (136.6m) ; Depth 26 - 28ft (7.92 - 8.53m)

Ferry Terminal

A recent feature at Port Castries is the new inter-Island Ferry Terminal where fast ferries provide daily service between St. Lucia and Martinique. The Terminal was designed to offer passengers the same level of comfort found at an airport.

The spacious Arrival Lounge has dedicated positions for Immigration, Customs & Excise, baggage collection and screening. The Departure area is well ventilated with a restaurant and bar that is designed to serve passengers. There are other services to include banking, taxi services, office space for agents, designated parking for pick-up and drop-off.

Ferry Terminal Facts

Area of Terminal: 19,200 sq. ft Terminal Design and Capacity: 350 Passengers Seating Capacity: 280 Passengers