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Benefits to SLASPA

  • Asset ownership and regulatory control remains with SLASPA;
  • Private concessionaire responsible for financing, construction and operation;
  • Operations and maintenance risks transferred to the concessionaire during the concession period;
  • Concession for a finite period (30 years), with the option to renew;
  • Remuneration for SLASPA through annual concession fees (as a % of gross revenues);
  • Performance managed through a concession contract that stipulates clearly defined performance standards and financial penalties for non-compliance.


Benefits to the Private Sector

  • Potential for future growth in traffic;
  • Low foreign exchange risks as airports generate substantial revenues in hard currency;
  • High potential to improve airport amenities and increase commercial revenue;
  • Ability to introduce operational efficiencies and improve financial performance;
  • Opportunities may exist to develop auxiliary activities.


Benefits to the Government of Saint Lucia

  • Reduction in risks related to airport project development;
  • Potential for new revenue streams;
  • Transfer risks related to operation and maintenance;
  • Access to private sector financing, freeing Government budgets for other priorities;
  • Introduces operational efficiencies;
  • Retains ownership of strategic assets.